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Welcome to Military Memories!

This project is a work in progress and more information will become available shortly. In the mean time you may watch the video below for details on what we are all about and what some of the features Military Memories will offer!

About Military Memories

Military Memories is a web site dedicated to the preservation of personal and official military photographs, videos, and stories.



Military Memories is a web site dedicated to the preservation of media such as photos, videos, stories and other memorabilia depicting both combat and non-combat situation in the military. We want to provide an invaluable resource for keeping these moments in history alive for posterity in a single, concise location.

Many people have photographs of their own or other family member’s time in the military. Some of the stories behind the photos are known, while others are not. Many photos undoubtedly depict people whose names have been forgotten over time or situations that are hard to place. Military Memories would like to accumulate these photos into a searchable database so that others can help fill in the missing pieces.

Aside from photographs, Military Memories will provide a place for people to upload and share videos and stories from their military experiences. We hope to be able to attract a wide range of stories that have important historical relevance and to allow future generations to learn about the different conflicts and the lives people led during their military career, all from a single, centralized location. Important stories such as Doolittle’s Raiders and the Tuskegee Airmen can be given full and extensive exposure including information from resources all around the world that can help shed a light on these events that may never have been seen before.

The Military Memories web site will initially revolve around the U.S. Armed forces but can be easily expanded into versions supporting the militaries of other countries. The site itself will be divided into logical and understandable sections based on conflict (Civil War, WWI, WWII etc.), military branch (Army, Navy, Air force, etc.), peacetime duties, training and more.

We hope to allow free, access to all photographs, stories, and available research so visitors can easily find topics of interest and perhaps contribute information pertaining to some of this media. A blog describing each photograph, video, or story will be available for all visitors to add their own information to the media at hand. This will allow for the most comprehensive discussions ever available on the widest possible range of military topics.

We also plan areas in each conflict to encompass the history behind the conflict itself. What were the events leading up to the war? Who were the main players? In this way, the world can have a single, central resource to obtain information about these historic events. Contributors will vary from the professional historian to the men and woman who participated themselves.

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